Welcome to our Wellness Series hosted by Brigitte Mouchet!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce Brigitte Mouchet, founder and CEO of Healoha, who will be leading and hosting a quarterly Wellness Series for the Solari Report.

I have spent a great deal of time researching guests and topics related to wellness, often to conclude that I did not have sufficient knowledge to provide the quality that I wanted for the Solari Report.

So I started to search for someone who is focused on wellness and has a passion for helping people be healthy – someone who could identify the world’s finest expertise on wellness and help make it understandable and accessible to our subscribers.

When Brigitte left Silicon Valley to create Healoha, I knew I had found the new host for our Wellness Series!

The Solari Wellness Series:Keeping Your Thyroid Healthy with Iodine with Dr. Kae Thompson – August 08, 2019

The thyroid is a key driver of many functions in our bodies. It provides our daytime energy, manages our enzymatic processes, is involved in the production of human growth hormone, contributes to mitochondrial health—which is connected to many chronic diseases—and more. For a variety of reasons, many people today suffer from a low-functioning thyroid, but it is still often undiagnosed.

How can we take care of our thyroid health? Dr. Kae Thompson, a naturopath and the developer of VoiceBio©™, a tool analyzing people’s voice to identify imbalances in the body, tells us about a simple supplement that can restore thyroid health and help us stay healthy.

That supplement is liquid iodine. The thyroid uses iodine to produce thyroid hormones. Dr. Thompson discusses liquid iodine derived from the mineral iodine, which is natural to our bodies—not plant- or ocean-based sources that require involvement of the liver.

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The Solari Wellness Series: CBD or not CBD – An Interview with Dr. Robban Sica – January 26, 2019

My interview with Dr. Robban Sica, an expert in Integrative Medicine, provides an overview of the health and wellness benefits of hemp oil as well as recommendations on how to choose a hemp oil product safely and for maximum efficiency. Join me for an enlightening discussion that could possibly change your life!

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The Solari Wellness Series: Longevity – Healthy Aging or Growing Young? with Dr. Vesna Skul – December 13, 2018

Have you ever contemplated the idea of staying young for ever—without having to die young? The fountain of youth has fascinated people since the beginning of time and is finally starting to look like a real possibility. As scientists start to understand the aging process, there is a growing belief that we could manipulate our cells and genes in a way that stops aging, and even reverses it, so we could literally become immortal.

In the second episode of the Solari Report Wellness Series, I talk with Dr. Vesna Skul, one of the top US doctors specialized in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She helps us understand the aging process, the technologies, drugs and supplements that have a chance to extend our lifespan. She also shares her tried and true recommendations that in the meantime can help us remain healthy for as long as possible.

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The Solari Wellness Series: The Gut Microbiome — Why We Should Care with Dr. Tom O’Bryan – September 27, 2018

It seems like there is no better topic to launch the Solari Report Wellness Series than the gut microbiome. Hippocrates (460 – 370 BC), a physician in Ancient Greece often considered to be the father of modern medicine, said “All Disease Begin In the Gut”. Although we know that this statement is not entirely accurate, it contains incredible wisdom and foresight considering the complexity of this organ. We are just starting to scratch the surface in our understanding of the gut, its ecosystem—the gut microbiome—and its role in maintaining physical but also mental and emotional health.

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