Children’s Health – How to Grow Healthy Adults with Dr. Michelle Perro – September 26, 2019

Dr. Michelle Perro, MD is a veteran clinician with nearly 40 years of experience in both pediatrics and integrative medicine. Dr. Perro is in the middle of a book tour in the U.S. and abroad for her first book, What’s Making Our Children Sick?, which she co-authored with Vincanne Adams, PhD, professor of medical anthropology at the University of California-San Francisco. I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Perro and chat about this most important topic during one of her stops in California.

Some chronic diseases such as cancer can take decades to develop. But when we realize that 54% of children today suffer from a chronic disease, it’s time to “diagnose” the situation and take action. Many of those chronic diseases are neurocognitive disorders such as ADHD and autism spectrum disorder. However, we are also seeing an exponential increase in the number of children affected by a broad range of health conditions—including obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, sleep issues (dyssomnia), and thyroid and growth issues—as well as mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anorexia, and others.

An excerpt:

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