The Solari Wellness Series:Keeping Your Thyroid Healthy with Iodine with Dr. Kae Thompson – August 08, 2019

The thyroid is a key driver of many functions in our bodies. It provides our daytime energy, manages our enzymatic processes, is involved in the production of human growth hormone, contributes to mitochondrial health—which is connected to many chronic diseases—and more. For a variety of reasons, many people today suffer from a low-functioning thyroid, but it is still often undiagnosed.

How can we take care of our thyroid health? Dr. Kae Thompson, a naturopath and the developer of VoiceBio©™, a tool analyzing people’s voice to identify imbalances in the body, tells us about a simple supplement that can restore thyroid health and help us stay healthy.

That supplement is liquid iodine. The thyroid uses iodine to produce thyroid hormones. Dr. Thompson discusses liquid iodine derived from the mineral iodine, which is natural to our bodies—not plant- or ocean-based sources that require involvement of the liver.

An excerpt: