Wellness Series: Increasing Flow and Vitality for a Fulfilling Life with Harry D. Friedman, DO, FAAO – September 2, 2021

Osteopathy is, I think, the best-kept secret in the medical field. I have been using osteopathy for most of my adult life. It has been the most useful, powerful, almost magical type of medical treatment I have ever received. If you want to learn more about your body and how it functions, this is your opportunity.

Osteopathic physicians have a holistic approach to health and wellness that is very different from other medical professionals. In this interview with Dr. Harry Friedman, we discuss how he works with the body during an osteopathic treatment, and the connections he looks for between areas of the body that we would never suspect are connected. Osteopathy focuses on flow – as we are made of 70% to 80% liquid (also called the fluid membrane matrix) – and on maintaining perfect geometry in the body. Improving fluid potency and geometry in the body is an amazing way to increase our vitality, allowing us to live pain-free, with a happy mind and spirit.