Wellness Series: How to Detoxify Safely and Efficiently with Dr. Christopher Shade – June 25, 2020

Would you like to enjoy more energy and vitality this summer? It's not too late to help your body function better by building a strong energy metabolism. It starts with building a healthy detoxification system that the winter months—or a lockdown—may have burdened with an accumulation of toxins.

Getting rid of those toxins safely and efficiently requires some understanding of how the detoxification process works. But there is an underlying question that is even broader than that: How can you burn fuel more efficiently so that you have enough energy left to detoxify, build a strong immune system, and regenerate your body?

There are not many people who understand detoxification—a complex topic—better than Dr. Christopher Shade. Dr. Shade's background in Environmental Science and Aquatic Chemistry has helped him create effective solutions, in particular for people with heavy metal toxicity.

I invite you to listen to my interview with Dr. Shade for an in-depth discussion on detoxification. We will talk about not just the detoxification system itself but also factors that can block detoxification. In addition, we discuss the liver, diets and intermittent fasting, NAD and mitochondria, nanoparticles, and EMFs, as well as practices that can enhance the detoxification process and protect against EMFs. If for some reason you don't want to learn about all this but still would like to reduce your toxic load, Dr. Shade has one piece of advice for you: just eat fewer carbs!

An excerpt:

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