Diving into Structured Water – An Interview with Clayton Nolte – May 14, 2020

We live in a magical world where air and water are probably the most life-supporting elements. Some of our actions—whether pollution, harsh treatments, or simply transport—have reduced the life-supporting properties of water. Signs of hope are emerging, though, with initiatives that are starting to reverse the negative trends. Clayton Nolte is one of the forces driving change. He has devoted the last 40 years of his career to finding and promoting solutions that bring water to a state that provides instantaneous hydration.

Clayton's work is founded on the belief that the human body works best when it is able to receive the energies coming from nature. Structured water, with its negatively charged hydrogen ions, can bring back balance and coherence to anything that is disorganized—as well as isolate anything harmful. The technology he invented provides solutions for a variety of applications, from enhancing the energy of our cells through better hydration to growing healthy vegetables with less water, and even cleaning windows almost effortlessly.

My discussion with Clayton may require you to stretch your mind, but if you value your well-being, I think it's worth the effort. Clayton provides as much scientific evidence as possible. Make sure to check out his website for the results of the research performed with his water-structuring technology, and explore the additional resources listed below. I hope you enjoy my discussion with this 81-year old—or young—inventor!

An excerpt: